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Chhat Pe Kheti Cost and Profit Analysis

Our conclusion is that the consumer can get both a hyper-local and superior product from a container farm. However, it will be approximately 10 times more costly to grow and deliver. Unless the industry can change the consumer mindset to pay the significant differential (much like what Starbucks did to the brewed coffee market), container farming is likely to remain a niche industry.

Our research concludes that today’s generation would like to buy produce with the following attributes: competitively priced; locally grown; tastes fresh and is healthy; available at same or near by location where other shopping is currently done say - “one-stop shopping”; and year-round availability.

If conventional and container farming are on opposite sides of the spectrum in price versus quality, what alternative forms of growing can meet the demand of today’s generation?

Based on the research done by our experts, greenhouse or urban farm growing, or a combination of the two, can get farmers close to meeting the needs of today’s people. Efficient deployment of further technology and capital into each of these growing structures will allow the farms to get ever closer to fulfilling consumer demands.

Total Facilities and Equipments Costs (Materials, Labour, Heaters, Generator etc.) 80,600
Total Construction Costs (Site preparation, frames, doors, poly and ends plus the construction and installation cost approximately) 35,0000
Total Supplies for Production Costs 15,000
Average Annual Working Hours 760 @Rs. 10 per Hour 7,600
Total Utilities Costs (Natural Gas, Electricity, Water, other charges like Telephones etc.) 12,500
Miscellaneous Costs (advertising, office supplies, laboratory fees, internet service, marketing, training, software etc) 22,000
Annual Accountant & Lawyer Charges 18,000
Over All Costs 5,05,700
15% of the Overall costs is spent on maintenance 75,855
Total Number of Plants Per Year 60

Estimated Market Value of

Urban farming

in India

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