Welcome to
Chhat Pe Kheti

CHHAT PE KHETI is a Startup incorporated in September, 2017 with a goal of "GREEN ROOF REVOULTION" or say "URBANS KHETI", A step ahead to our growing generation by taking an initiative to remodel the concrete Urban Places into quality productive Urbans Kheti.

We have adopted the Permaculture methodology (Combination of 'Permanent' + 'Agriculture') which means to integrate human elements into natural settings in a permanently sustainable way and also working with few new Vertical Farming Innovations that Could Revolutionize Agriculture like Hydropnics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics and many more.

We are focused on quality, and with a confident that we can give you the best products available for green roofs, living walls, and other green building products.


Lack of Space cannot be Your Limitation! "Listen to Our Experts" And Get Your Own Grown Veggies At Your Home.

Our Mission

We know there is another way. In fact, we have made it our mission to create another way.

As we install infarms in neighbourhoods around the world, we’re saving thousands of food miles, preserving water and natural resources, and laying the foundation for a new urban food system.

This means tastier, more nutritious food for all of us. This also means hope for our planet.

Our Story

Our main facility is located in Noida in order to be efficient distribution of our products. We also have partners across Delhi-NCR to provide the most capable and provable method of getting products for your project.

Reach Us to know that specifying our products for your job can qualify you for LEED credit, as our products includes only Organic Materials with high recycled content.

We are very focused on implementation & improvement and continue to develop and bring new technologies, techniques, products and services for you all.