Basil Seeds 250 gm

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  • Take one teaspoon of basil seeds soaked in warm water gives relief from constipation.
  • Basil Seeds are one of the best low carbohydrate foods. Basil Seeds is a great option for people who want to reduce their carbohydrate intake.
  • As Basil Seeds are rich in fibre, regular intake of basil seeds helps relieve constipation and bloating. Intake of Basil Seeds increases the bulk of stool and work as bulk laxative. It acts as a stomach cleanser and regulate smooth bowel movement.
  • Regular use of Basil Seeds helps in reducing hunger and thereby reducing weight. Basil seeds keep your stomach full for longer period and prevent unwanted cravings. They may swell to 20 times their original size, physically filling you up and satisfying your appetite, making it much easier to avoid those calorie-heavy snacks.
  • It is simple to make your own basil seeds drinks at home; simply add 1/2 cup of basil seeds to a fruit smoothie or glass of juice.

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